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5 Quick Ways to prevent injuries on the Golf Course

We have all been guilty of jumping out of the car and running straight for the first tee. Although golf is not a game we tend to associate injuries with, most of us know what the feeling of waking up the next day after a round of golf with those unusual aches and pains.

Sometimes we can just power through the pain but, there are a few quick ways to lessen the chance of injury and keep those aches and pains at bay.

1. Goes without saying but, make sure you warm up and stretch before playing, paying particular attention to your back, shoulders and arms. If you’re running late, there is usually a few minutes while talking to the starter that can be used for stretching and preparing your body for the round. Try to include gentle movement and mobility exercises followed by gentle practice swings with a wedge. (Usually the heaviest club in the bag besides the putter)

2. Take lessons. A good technique and proper training of your muscles can go a long way in defending against injuries.

3. Make sure you wear a decent pair of golf shoes and spring to upgrade the old trusty, 35 round glove every once in a while. Having the proper equipment for the game will provide better stability and grip which will lead to less injuries and a better score.

4. Proper sun protection (clothing, hat, sunglasses and 30+ sunscreen) is a must. No one can beat the sun and it’s better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to skin damage. If you’re worried that sunscreen will effect your grip on the club, find a decent non-greasy formula from a reputable manufacturer. There are plenty of options out there.

5. Stay hydrated. Not being properly hydrated can effect your athletic ability and can make you more likely to injure yourself. Make sure to drink water before, during and after the round.

In times of extreme heat, you may need to reconsider the playing conditions for further play. Consider playing in the early morning or twilight to avoid the hottest period of the day.

We love to play golf and we know you do too. By taking a few precautions before a round, we will put ourselves on a better track to enjoying the game for a long time. For any injuries that do occur, make sure you seek first aid or prompt medical treatment immediately. Putting off an injury will come back to haunt us later.