Membership Information

2018 Membership Options

With our new clubhouse scheduled to open next spring, we are excited to announce our membership offerings for the 2018 golf season. Choose from our two payment options and select the membership that best suits your needs. BIGGEST SAVINGS - (Click Here - Purchase Online)

It's Your Best Membership Option

Enjoy the challenge, the excitement, and the beauty of Westchester Golf Course all season long at an incredible savings. As a member of our golf course you can have it all. Our members have a few things in common: a love for game of golf, a desire to share their love of the game with like minded individuals, and a nose for a great deal. Join Westchester Golf Course and experience one of the best golf memberships in Ohio as you enjoy unlimited playing privileges and many other unique amenities. If you would like additional information about our memberships at Westchester, please complete the form to the right to contact our staff. For pricing information or for a complete list of our membership options, please fill out the form to the right.

Memberships Price
Gold Memberships (7 Days Unlimited) $1,915
Silver Memberships (Weekdays Only) $1,615
Senior Gold Memberships (7 Day Unlimited, Ages 50+) $1,815
Senior Silver Memberships (Weekdays Only, Ages 50+) $1,415
Junior Memberships (Ages 17 & Under) $700
Range Memberships $300